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About Us


Welcome to Compositedge, a division of Composite Investments Pvt. Ltd. , a brokerage firm of over 18 years standing. Our endeavor here is to provide the 'knowledgeable investor' who is comfortable investing online, an almost zero brokerage platform. Our charges are fixed at Rs.18/- per order irrespective of the size of the order. We follow a transparent and simple brokerage structure. No hidden fees and no surprises. All related fees have been clearly spelt under pricing.

We have tried to keep the website design clear and clutter free. It gives you all the necessary information without an overload of unnecessary stuff. We do understand that you would already have a broking account with some other broker. However, please do also open an account with us and experience clarity and integrity in everything we say and do – all this at almost free brokerage.

Our intention is to maintain a lean and efficient operation, be it client registration, in-person verification through web-camera, order entry, execution, back office access, transfer of funds etc. and pass on all the savings to you. Towards this we have tried to address common issues that an investor may encounter at the time of opening an account, downloading the trading software, accessing the back office accounts software, transfer of funds etc. on the website. This should substantially reduce your requirement of service from us regarding these issues. However our service is always available should you still need it.

Fixed brokerage irrespective of the number of shares does not mean that service takes a back seat. We strive to give you the best service irrespective of the size of the account. We also further welcome your feedback to improve our services. Great service at a great value.

The email addresses of key personnel is made available to you in the welcome letter for your comments and feedback – whether good or bad.

We also have a referral scheme wherein you could refer a friend and earn substantially in the process. The details of the scheme are mentioned in the website under "referral scheme". We hope you would be glad to refer your friends and acquaintances once you experience our very low pricing and great service.

We would periodically be having certain special offers spelt out in detail in our website. This would help you get more from your account.

We do look forward to having you as our client.

Thank you and best wishes.

Satish Kumar Dutt – Managing Director