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Sometimes, the fake watch industry is a oddly and yet wonderful place. There is an ever increasing group of replica watches collectors that now look out the lofty pieces made by the smaller independent watchmaking brands. Of course, it is for a good reason. We can see that there are a huge number of large and famous replica watches manufacturers and they are owned by the likes of Richemont Group, i.e. IWC and Jaeger-LeCoultre, or by Swatch Group, i.e. Omega and Breguet - just to list a few. There are also large fake watch brands that are not a part of any conglomerate, such as fake Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet or Breitling. They are probably an exception and would really qualify as an independent fake watch brand- they just produce too large of an amount to truly fit this bill.

Now, there are a few different levels of independents. There are those who design a timepiece and then call on their friends, such as Max Busser who is very transparent about who does what, which I believe is a truly noble way of creating timepieces. I am a massive fan of their Horological and Legacy Machines. There are those who do the same but then use a base movement ETA or Dubois Depraz, heavily modify it and add different levels of finishing to suit their needs that fit the design of their timepiece. Now, on my opinion of view, there is absolutely right with this and in some way it creates a more independent timepiece that we can afford, though this isn't absolutely true.

Also, for example Moser & Cie and F.P. Journe who manufacture their own movements on a larger scale, although not as large as you think. For instance, the timepieces and movements that F.P. Journe creates, such as the Chronometre Souverain. It makes use of a remontoire d'Egalite, which is a small wheel that creates the constant-force applied to the escapement to make it balanced, it stores and releases energy to smooth out fluctuations in the power transferred. Besides, it also incorporates a High-Performance Bi-axial Escapement and dead beat seconds. It is very diffucult to create these technological advances even for one of the large replica watches manufacturers, but in fact, F.P. Journe was invented and made (excuse the pun) it, in my opinion, this is the essence of true independent watchmaking.

There is an elite group of independent watch brands such Roger Smith, Philippe Dufour and of course Laurent Ferrier - I would even put F.P. Journe into this category too. All of these brands create the most beautiful pieces of watchmaking art. For instance, the Laurent Ferrier Galet Travel Time: it is just a masterpiece! However, it's briefness, refined but has been executed by a watchmaker that has savoir-faire in abundance. I think it is always these independent artisans that push the boundaries of fake rolex watches, but they are also mindful about the use of technology, making sure these timepieces can be repaired in the future. On the one hand, you have these refined timepieces that incorporate a movement and finished sucessfully. On the other hand, they've kept real to watchmaking, using as little machinery as possible and depending on the good old-fashioned term of hand-made.

This is the collectors are looking for, because these are capturing the mind and are appreciated more than ever before. And I think this is the most important part - "appreciate." replica watches collectors have always been a clever crowd and I think what is happening now is that collectors who their own timepieces from the larger brands want more than just a new timepiece. They want fake watches manufacturers to consider their wishes when creating new timepieces. And this is something the independents seem to have become very correct.