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Tradetron is an Algo Strategy Marketplace which is a very simple and easy to use platform accessible to everyone.

Traders can subscribe to any strategy on offer or even build / automate their strategies without any knowledge of coding and deploy them in their respective partner broking accounts at the click of a button. These strategies could be deployed for Stocks, Futures, Options, Currencies and Commodities.

Strategies could be used for Intraday, the Medium Term or something as simple as a buy and hold for the Long Term.Even if one is a newbie, the platform makes participation in the financial markets easy and transparent.

This powerful yet easy to use tool allows one to create or use a wide array of strategies available and automatically scales up on servers in the cloud as load increases and eventually scales down as load decreases.

Even if you have no idea what the above means but still want to participate, not to worry, you would be handheld till you are aware. Simple isn’t it! Join us to know more as this is the tomorrow of trading and investing.

Steps to Activate the above:

  1. Open a Trading account with Compositedge
  2. Subscribe to an XTS API through the Compositedge homepage
  3. Click on the affiliate link:
  4. To subscribe to a strategy, click on
  5. After subscription, the same would appear under MY STRATEGY
  6. Click on DEPLOY to activate
  7. The default settings would be paper trading and once you are comfortable with the paper trading strategy, the same could be deployed live in your trading account
  8. You have an option to log into either your Compositedge account or your Tradetron account to check transactions in your account.


Happy Trading!