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Mutualfunds@Compositedge is India’s premier online mutual fund investment platform for resident & non- resident Indians (NRI’s) alike. Investors can login, gain unrestricted access to a wide range of mutual fund offerings, choose from the long list of investment plans and transact on the move without any barriers and absolutely free of cost. For additional information about the product and the process to create your account and start investing, continue reading.…


Process to setup your online mutual fund account and to start investing


It only takes a few minutes to setup your online account. Once it’s done, you can login to your account anytime from anywhere. Follow the simple steps below to create and customize your state of the art online mutual fund investment platform.


SIGNUP to Mutualfunds@Compositedge

To connect to the website, click on the following link

You can create a login id by clicking on SIGNUP TO START INVESTING and filling out all the info listed on the screen

If you already have an existing account with Mutualfunds@Compositedge, enter your e-mail address and password to login

Fill out your PROFILE.

After logging in to your account, go to the SETTINGS menu.

Using the drop- down key, click on EDIT PROFILE and fill out all the required info

Click on AOF under the edit profile sidebar and download the forms. All information in the AOF should be filled out completely.

Upload the signed and filled out AOF along with a cancelled cheque (signed) in the specific slots and save the uploaded images individually.

Upload the AOF along with a cancelled cheque (signed) in the particular slots and save the uploaded images individually.

Click on bank mandate, download the forms, fill out all the details and courier the hard copy after to the address mentioned in the MANDATE WINDOW

Enter your PAN number and you see the status of your KYC on the top right corner in the header.

If you are not KYC compliant, click on the BOOK E-KYC APPOINTMENT to get in touch with our support staff who will assist you in
completing the process. Only investors who are KYC compliant will be permitted to invest.

Click INVEST on the main screen to select a plan. You have the option of three different investment plans to choose from; Flexi Invest, Safe Invest & Robo Invest

  • Permits you to choose a mutual fund of your choice.
  • Choose from a one- time investment or start a monthly SIP
  • • For auto- deduction of monthly SIP payments from your bank account, select the automatic payment method>br> Click on INVEST after selecting the mutual fund, investment type and the amount. You will be directed to the payment page to complete the transaction.

After the payment is confirmed, you will receive the following message

  • Invest in safe low risk mutual funds for short term savings.
  • Best alternative for fixed deposits
  • Highly liquid
  • SIP option not available

  • Based on the value of the investment and the risk profile, Robo Invest selects the finest funds on behalf of you
  • You can choose to make a one- time investment or start monthly SIPs
  • Robo Invest also mixes customers portfolio and moves money to safer funds whenever there is an alert of a market downfall

Have an existing portfolio of mutual fund investments?

Here are some of the things you can do.

Clients with existing portfolios can track them by using the Track/Redeem option from the main screen.
All you have to do is select the mutual fund in which you have an existing investment and fill out a
few simple details about the fund….

All information with respect to the existing portfolio such as number of units, investment,
average & current NAV etc. can be viewed on Mutualfunds@Compositedge

Redeem your investments by clicking on REDEEM MUTUAL FUND. You can choose to redeem the
entire portfolio or part of it. On redemption, you will receive an e-mail and SMS from BSEto
validate the redemption. On confirmation, the amount redeemed will be transferred to your
bank account directly.

You can manageyour investments by clicking on the SWITCHkey in the drop down next to the
REDEEM button. All you have to do isdecide if you wish to move your entire portfolio or a part
of itand select the mutualfund you wish to shift to.
After the switch is made, you will receive an E-mail and SMS from BSE to validate the same.
On confirmation of the transaction, your holdings will be moved.

Fill out the Risk Profile module by answering a few simple questionsif you wish to receive
views and suggestions from experts in the field on the kind of investments you should be undertaking
based on your risk appetite.

You can link accounts of yourimmediate family members and manage them from a single account. To link, select FAMILY ACCOUNTSinthe SETTINGS menu and send a request to the family member whose
account needs to be linked. The family member in turn has to accept the request and authorize the
same with a one- time password(OTP).
Once the authorization is complete, you can go to LINKED ACCOUNTS and choose to login as the MAIN USER.
This will giveyou complete control over the linked account/s.


It is an online platform for all your mutual fund investments. The platform manages all your investment needs instantly,
throws up the finest mutual funds to invest in, allows you to take a quick look at the day- to- day NAV of the invested funds,
provides you the opportunity to redeem profits, switch between funds and also exit safely whenever you wish to..

Mutualfunds@Compositedge screens the best performing mutual funds in the industry using our state of the art algo systems
and advises on the best available option based on the parameters set by you. As an investor, you can also choose to invest directly
from the extensive list of readily available asset management companies registered with us..